You must become an ignorant man again
and see the sun again with an ignorant eye
and see it clearly in the idea of it.
/ Wallace Stevens

It can be a finest thread of an enchanting story that leads you to a rare and precious fund. A hint, an allusion, witty and mindful… enriching triviality with magic. Something immeasurable, yet where you can capture its intention accurately off your nervous system before any critical analysis comes into play.

Maybe unwieldly confusing or moving a frontier or a memory, starting a thinking process, asking more questions that it can answer them: In the liberty of your mind,
it does not place a period, it leaves an open end.

Art has the power to take you out of yourself, to nourish and delight your spirit, to highlight your senses and change your perception. It asks you to reinvent your world, to reconsider who you are and what you are accustomed to. Art questions, art transcends borders and reveals mystic corners or infinite truths. Seen by a new eye, new mind, and new heart.

We have the pleasure of working with exceptional artists – leaders of cultural production – who each share the compulsion to speak in the nuanced vocabulary of a modern visual language: passionate and playful, subversive and unique, crazy or stirring, ironic or cynical, ambiguous, elusive and lyric. Or sometimes just the round pegs in square holes, challenging or breaking rules of obvious perception – with candor, intelligence and sensuality going beyond aesthetics.

Blanche – means the essence: a code of depth, of purity, authenticity and openness to any hidden facet. The white space, the carte blanche for inspiration with the energy of all colors of being.

Let catch your eye by Something speaking about Your particular moment –
thus indicating a direction for the future.

Add your sentence around the words of art. Discover what is not spoken, discovering You anew.
Join passion, as curiosity is constant happiness.

Just take the emotion that appears out of a sudden and connect to its vibrant mystery…