Marcin Kowalik

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Marcin Kowalik

1981 born in Zamosc, Poland
Lives and works in Zamosc, Poland

Marcin Kowalik works as an asistant lecturer at at Painting Department at the Academy of Fine Arts in Cracow, Poland. His work includes painting and installations. He was ranked in the top ten of Kompas Młodej Sztuki (The Compass of Young Art).

Marcin Kowalik has participated in about 40 exhibitions in Poland and abroad. He has had over 30 individual exhibitions in Brussels, Leipzig, Düsseldorf, Dublin, Bern,Warsaw, Cracow (The National Museum) and other cities. He is a holder of scholarships of the Minister of Culture and National Heritage, the president of the city of Cracow and the President of his home city of Zamość. Together with Adam Wsiołkowski he received Małopolska Voievodship Award in 2015. In 2007 he participated in the workshops for art curators – Crosskick Academie, Berlin organised by AdKV. In 2007/2008 he received a doctoral scholarship at the Academy of Fine Arts in Cracow. In 2008 he received a residence scholarship in Ateliers Höherweg 271 in Düsseldorf. He is also a holder of the Grazella Foundation scholarship.

Marcin gave guest lectures at the National College of ART and Design in Dublin (Ireland) and at the University of Ostrava (the Czech Republic).

His works can be found in the collection of the National Museum Gdansk, Jan Matejko Academy of Fine Arts Museum in Krakow, Regional Museum in Stalowa Wola and Chełm (Poland), the Borowik Collection, the Clifford Chance Collection and many other small private collections all over the world. Kowalik is the founder of the ‘Wiara w Malarstwo’ (‘Faith in Painting’) scholarship that is dedicated to the students of the last grades of the secondary school of fine arts in Zamość, which he himself attended. Together with his students and UBS Swiss bank employees, he creates sculpture workshops for children at children’s hospitals and then, basing on those works, he paints big scale paintings for the children hospitals.


Selected exhibitions:

Idea Homini, Stalowa Gallery, Warsaw, Poland
Przesunięta rzeczywistość, Zofia Weiss Gallery, Cracow, Poland
Gallery Wiele Sztuki, Fabryka I3, Warsaw, Poland
Idea Homini, Arte Hotel, Zamosc, Poland
A Tale of the Working (Wo ) Man, Zenith, Cracow, Poland

A Tale of the Working (Wo ) Man, Gallery Pienkow, Knoxville, USA
The other side of the mirror, Holistic Clinic, Cracow, Poland
Convergent, Messier 42, Cracow, Poland

Next perspective, Congress Cosmo 2015, Polonia Palace Hotel, Warsaw, Poland
River Ride, BWA, Rzeszów, Poland
Aktive Betrachtung, Galerie Nielaba, Brno, Switzerland
GetNoticed, Galeria Grupa Lasem, Cracow, Poland
5 years of Gazzetta Italia, Endorfina Palac Zamoyskich, Warsaw (awarded in category ´culture´)
Marcin Kowalik Painting, Showroom Gallery Stalowa, Zamośc, Poland
Gallery Na Lato, Cracow, Poland
Marcin Kowalik. Artificial nature, Radna 6/8, Warsaw, Poland
66/33, Stalowa Gallery, Warsaw, Poland
GetNoticed, Cracow (individual exhibition), Poland
Marcin Kowalik Paintings, Stalowa Schowroom Zamosc, Poland (individual exhibition)
Pastuszak & Kowalik, PICTUREpaint, Zamosc, Poland

Still Life, Radna 6/8, Warsaw, Poland
Malarstwo, Mont des Arts Gallery, Brussel
Art Decoder, UBS Bank Crocow
My Eastern Side, European Union, Brussel

Mirror Phase, BWA Gallery Zamojska (individual exhibition), Poland
Mirror Phase, Sol Art Gallery, Dublin (individual exhibition), Poland
Mirror Phase, Gallery Pillar (individual exhibition), Poland

Phase mirrors, Marcin Kowalik, Moray Hillary Agnes Nedregard, Jagiellonian University Cracow, Poland
The discovery, Warsaw Art Fair box Artsupport , Poland
Scope Miami Art Box Faktoria
Compass Young Art, Polish Olympic Committee Warsaw, Poland

Kinderspiele, Tank of Culture, Cracow, Poland
Wuthering Heights, Ola Narr, Oslo, Finland
Berlin Preview box, Program Gallery, Warsaw, Poland

The Merger – Rulei, Chicago, USA
Kunst im Wohnzimmer, Herford, Germany
The Whole Place is dark 3, Cellar Gallery, Cracow, Poland
Colorful box on snow, The Polish Olympic Committee, Warsaw (individual exhibition), Poland

Unknown kingdom, National Museum, Cracow (individual exhibition), Poland
Revisit, Marcin Kowalik and invited artists from Ateliers Höherweg 271 Düsseldorf, Program Gallery, Warsaw (organizer), Poland
FotoMix Marek Gardulski + Emil Zander x Marcin Kowalik, Photo Studio Emil Zander, Düsseldorf (organizer), Germany
The whole place is dark and the see, Krakow, Wroclaw (organizer), Poland
Fragments, Cologne (organizer), Germany
The boundaries of identity, Cologne, Cracow, Poland
Christmas palms, Freies Museum Berlin, Germany

Landscape in the box, Artemis Gallery, Cracow (individual exhibition), Poland
Space of the Painting, painting, performance, installation, Ateliers Höherweg, Düsseldorf (individual exhibition), Germany
Wagnis Wirklichkeit, zeitgenössischer Realismus in der Kunst, 16 Künstlerpositionen Galerie Epicurus, Wuppertal, Germany
!artgame! – Marcin Kowalik + Paul Schwer, Club 69, Münster, Germany

16 things that could not be found, Artpol, Cracow, Poland
Hundredth Living Artists (guest of honor), Orleans
Crosskick, Kunsthalle Lingen, Germany
ARTFAIR 21, Stand gallery Epicurus from Wuppertal, Cologne, Germany
Space of Travel, painting, Scarbata Galerie, Leipzig (individual exhibition), Germany

Diplomas 2006 Palace of Arts TPSP, Cracow, Poland
Self-portrait contest exhibition – a distinction, The Museum of Stalowa Wola, Krakow, Poland

Dreaming, the Office Rottermund, Hamburg (individual exhibition), Germany

Painting, ING Bank Slaski, Cracow (individual exhibition), Poland.