Milan Strada.

Born 1955,
Lives in North Salem, NY.

I guess I was supposed to be a geologist.

I did attend the Geology and Mining College for couple of years, but circumstances changed and I left. Hopefully to pursue different  career and eventually joined a restoration firm where I started at the apprentice level. Eventually I enrolled in the Stone Art Institute and graduated as a stone carver.

That allowed me to participate in numerous prestigious renovation projects in Prague where I gained further experience by practicing stone carving techniques relevant to each project. Meaning, each historical period had its distinct method of how stone was handled which was important when approaching any restoration project.

I also attended the renowned Stone Academy in Horice where the emphasis was on all aspects of stone production.

Faith brought me to France where I started to work as a stone carver and later found myself working on the restoration of the Louvre Museum in Paris.

After I moved to New York I utilized my experience and knowledge to build a commercial stone and marble business.

Over the years, I have been fortunate to work with a variety of high-profile clients across New York City, Westchester, and Connecticut, but I never lost interest in the creative process of working with stone. 

A year ago I made the decision to dedicate more of my time to designing and producing decorative pieces of my own. Many of the pieces I design come from various marble and precious stones and are designed to evoke a contemporary minimalist aesthetic. Other pieces start as unearthed natural rock lying on the side of a road or found in the woods around my home, and would remain untouched forever if they hadn’t caught my eye. 

I developed special connection with stone. I feel certain excitement when I approach a raw material and I always respect its qualities. I try to remove as little material as possible and in the process bring the beauty out for everyone to see.

I prefer a direct carving method much like Constantine Brancussi who, I can say, is my main influence in approach of stone. 

I strive to produce the simplest lines and forms and that’s why I’m drawn to minimalist esthetic and Bauhaus influence.

Works by Milan Strada

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Jewelry tray.
By Milan Strada.

Tray Barcode ´Bordeaux´. By Milan Strada

Tray Barcode´Wheaties´.
By Milan Strada

Tray Carrara Arabescato.
By Milan Strada.

Carrara Pedestal. Milan Strada

Carrara Rod. By Milan Strada

Ipod tray. By Milan Strada

Dance. By Milan Strada