Rodrigo Vairinhos.

Juicy poetry…

Born in Lisbon, Portugal.
Lives and works in Cologne, Germany.

Rodrigo Vairinhos studied Industrial Design at the Lusíada University (Lisbon, 2000-2005).

Since October 2005 the designer works on his private projects creating his own design studio, Neo Design. His philosophy of design aims at creating a very special concept of everyday products. Vairinhos stylish, uncomplicated shapes are juicy, unique and cutting-edge products featuring elegance and post-modern playfulness without lacking functionality. He carefully chooses warm and organic materials and uses simple local production techniques.

Vairinhos product strategy is an innovative quest for a poetical simplicity directing towards both the acute and the naïve by a certain geometry, metaphorical and evocative, emotional and poetic. These products are somehow highlighting design simplicity and the tendency to a renewed use of the so called traditional materials, such as wood or ceramics and a growing interest by the impeccable traditional craftsman’s work and technique.

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Lovers. By Rodrigo Vairinhos

Eye. By Rodrigo Vairinhos.